Son Gohan and Piccolo arrive at Fortnite in a new collaboration with Dragon Ball

Epic Games has detailed the second collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball.

The 23.30 update of the battle royale brings two new skins to the store based on Piccolo and Son Gohan to promote the movie Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.

The collaboration recovers the appearance of the Kamehameha and the Flying Cloud in the Battle Royale and Zero Construction modes, as well as the possibility of exploring the Dragon Ball Adventure Island (code 5642-8525-5429) with locations such as Goku’s house, the Kami’s palace, the Corner of Soul and Time and the planet of Beerus.

The collaboration with Dragon Ball Super is the most prominent element of the update, but it also brings with it a change that a large part of the community has been demanding: the weekly challenges will no longer expire, but will remain active until the end of the season. This reverts a change that has not been well received among players.

Another novelty is the arrival of five new reality augmentations to Battle Royale:

  • Emergency Crack: The next time your shield is broken, a crack will get you out of trouble after a few seconds.
  • Shadow Assault: You will have a chance to find Shadow Bombs in the containers you open.
  • Frozen Slide: After sliding, your feet will freeze and you will gain a speed boost for a short time.
  • Harvest Day: Destroyed vegetation items will drop bush bombs and consumables. In addition, all consumables will have greater effectiveness.
  • Mythical Shots: You will receive a mythical tactical pistol.

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