Source: Jonathan Rodriguez reached an agreement with Portland

The Uruguayan will leave the United States to pursue a four-year franchise player contract with the MLS team.

It seems like it’s only a matter of hours before the transfer takes place jonathan rodriguez on the set of portland of of MLS And with that he ends his platform. Eagles of America,

Sources commented espn Uruguay reached an agreement with the Americans to sign a 4-year contract portlandA team that he will join as a franchise player and will have one of the best salaries in the team.

Since the weekend, espn He announced that there was already an agreement between the clubs to carry out the operation and that it was only a matter of managing some minimal details to make the transaction official and that rodriguez Visit the United States this week.

It should be noted that the Uruguayan still worked with the rest of the US squad this Monday, but he is practically off rhythm And as soon as the required documents are sent rodriguez Koopa will leave the nest permanently.

with sales of jonathan rodriguezHe America About 6 million dollars will come to its coffers, although there will no longer be the possibility of strengthening its staff for the first half of 2024 and waiting until the summer to appoint another element to fill the gap left by the ‘Cabacita’ today. Will have to do.

America gets ready for the classics

On the other hand, this Monday America After getting a day off, he returned to training. The focus of Águilas is now on the two classics against Chivas that they will have this week, the first on Wednesday at the Azteca Stadium and the second at the Akron Stadium this weekend.

Jardine are expected to use their excellent squad in both matches to first prevent any comeback from the Sacred Flock and then attempt to remain on top of the general table. Completion 2024,

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