South Regional League: all teams classified to the new League of Legends league

The South Regional League is ready to start and we already have the first three classified teams. Find out who they are and how they got there, in the note.

The South and North Regional League are the New skills in Latin America. already with three out of ten teams qualified in the South and four out of ten in the Norththe competitions will begin on March 11 and 13 respectively. Are new leagues replaced the national leaguesaccording to Riot, to have a better show and clashes between the different nations.

Chilean League of Honor

The League of Honor has its champion, Eclipse Gaming. The Chileans achieved their classification after finishing second in the regular phase together with Santiago Wanderers, Meta Gaming, Maze Gaming, Cruzados Esports and Rebirth eSports. Losing in the first phase against MG, they faced Rebirth eSports, who they beat 3-0.

In the second round they beat Cruzados 3-2 and Maze Gaming in the semifinals, also 3-2. In the final confrontation against Maze, they managed to get revenge for the game in the first round and they took the competition 3-2 as the first to qualify for the Regional League South.

Peruvian Stars League

The Peruvian league was the Stars League, where Spectacled Bears qualified. After being in second place due to sporting advantage, they reached the knockout stage alongside Incubus in first place. In the center of the table were Mad Kings, Red Eye, Cremas Esports and Antares Esports. For the repechage, Vipers and Diamond Doves remained.

After battling against MKE in the third round of qualifiers and winning 2-0, they faced the leading Incubus, where they were defeated 3-1. This led them to the losers’ bracket and face Vips, who beat them 3-1 to reach the grand final again against Incubus. There they stayed with the trophy 3-1 in Peru, and the place of second classified to the LRS.

Argentine Master Flow League

The Master Flow League met its last opening champion, Pampas. After finishing first in the regular phase, along with WAP Esports, Primate, Globant Emerald, River Plate and Boca Juniors. the foxes managed take all playoff wins after only losing two maps of the eleven who participated.

In the first round they sent Globant Emerald to the losers’ bracket 3-0, in the semifinals they beat the Primates 3-2 and they achieved the conquest against the WAP Esports underdog 3-0. With this latest victory, The Argentine team is the third participant in the South Regional League that will begin on March 11.

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