SpaceX uses Ford’s electric pick-up

SpaceX uses Ford’s electric pick-up

with all the difficulties tesla cybertruck, From its concept onwards until the beginning of its production, as well as its owners’ disagreements that the Cybertruck’s body was rusting, or had serious problems with the steering, we wouldn’t be surprised if it spacex Trust the Blue Oval firm’s electric pickup truck more than Tesla.

it turns out that Matt Haskell, NASA rescue worker, He posted a photo on his ex accountwhich shows that a White Ford F-150 Lightning with SpaceX logo Placed on the front doors, indicating that the aerospace company uses Ford’s electric trucks as work vehicles.

Of course, SpaceX has a fleet of non-Tesla vehicles at its US facilities. In fact, X users responding to the post noted that SpaceX regularly uses Chevrolet and Ford trucks in their operations.

It makes sense that the SpaceX facility would be no stranger to pickup trucks from rival American automakers, especially since there are frequent contractors on site, while a fleet of Ford F-150 Lightnings also makes sense, given that pickup trucks will work now tesla supercharger Which Elon Musk can supply to SpaceX.

In any case, it seems like SpaceX is more than happy to make do with a well-functioning pickup that’s based on a tried-and-true platform, rather than an “apocalypse-proof” pickup made for the Internet.

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