Spanish actress Ana Obregón became a mother at the age of 68 – Social

Artist resorted to a surrogacy in Miami, in the United States. Case is being controversial in Spain.

The Spanish actress, presenter and producer, Ana Obregón, was a mother at the age of 68 but, although biologically the child is hers, the conception was carried out through a surrogate.

The revelation was made this week, in the magazine Hola!, where the actress is seen leaving a hospital in Miami, in the United States, in a wheelchair with the child in her arms. The birth took place on the 20th of this month, just two days after the actress’s birthday.

Ana Obregón had already become a mother in 1993, when she had her first child, Álex Lequio, the result of a relationship with Alessandro Lequio. The young man would die in 2020, aged just 27, from cancer.

According to the publication, the only people who knew about the process were his sisters, as well as the former partner and father of the first child. In Spain – where the practice is illegal – the news was received with a lot of controversy, with Irene Montero, Minister of Equality, considering that this is “a clear form of violence against women” since “only people who live in precarious situations” accept to be surrogacy. Even so, Ana Obregón is far from being the first international superstar to have a child through this method and the names are several passing by the sisters Kim and Khloé Kardashian, Nick Jonas or even the Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

The United States is usually the country of choice for celebrities, as it has states with very permissive legislation and a considerable range of agencies. As for the procedures, these are not cheap and can cost between 110,000 and 185,000 euros.

On a professional level, Ana Obregón, according to the countryhas recently participated in television programs such as Mask Singer, The Circle of the Famous and began to prepare a series about his life. On a more personal note, a few days ago, she released a book that her son had started to write and created a foundation named after him to support research into the treatment of cancer.

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