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Are you looking for the best minecraft servers Spanish people? Undoubtedly, finding good servers is very tedious because we have to test each server one by one to see which one we like best, and this is like looking for a needle in a haystack. In the Minecraft community it is very common to meet trolls or hackers. This makes the game boring.

So, why don’t you try the servers that we bring you here? No trolls, no hackers and best of all, many game modes. In this list you can find good servers where you can enjoy a good gaming environment. In addition, we have tested each of these servers to certify that you will not have a bad time.

MineTale (

We start at the top of the servers, this is a server with a wide variety of game modes and mini-games. What makes this a great server is that it doesn’t have any lag. It is not a premium server in which you have infinite options, but it is a good server to hang out with a friend or play alone. Play by entering their website: or the server IP:


Great server, SoulCraft Network is not just a server, this is a multi-server network full of fun. They have a very good community as well as excellent customizable plugins. And, for us they have won the award for the server with the best UNIQUE game modes.

SoulCraft Network is a developing network of servers that have continually added experimental features that are working amazingly. You can even suggest ideas for new servers and they will take you into account. Since, several of its game modes and new servers were ideas from its community.


When we talk about minecraft servers We are talking about Geoblock. The best server in Spain this 2023, it has many functions, it is 100% in Spanish. Within this server you will find unique crafting, impressive wraps, new enchantments, and more than 110 challenges that will make you lose your mind.

You can play the adventure mode that is passed to another level and without failures. The moderators and administrators of this server are constantly working to keep your game experience 100% and you will be able to play within it without crashes, bugs, and of course, no lag. Without a doubt, one of the best.

infinity craft

To finish the list of the most fun Minecraft Servers of 2023 we bring you InfinityCraft Network. In this factions server you can find custom plugins, as well as some improvements in the gameplay that make Minecraft online a little more fun. Enter this server with the IP that we will leave you below and enjoy one of the craziest servers in all of Minecraft World.

And I tell you, we saved the best for last.

You can play on each of them and enjoy great quality of games, however, if you want to look at other servers you can find more servers at:

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