Stalker arrested at Shakira’s home in Miami

Daniel John Valtier, a 56-year-old man from El Paso, Texas, was arrested for harassing Colombian singer Shakira near her Miami Beach home. A man who is said to be crazy about Shakira has reportedly been arrested for harassment after a series of harassing messages on Instagram.

According to the report of Billboard, he then reached the singer’s residence by taxi.

An off-duty police officer immediately alerted authorities when Valtier refused to pay for the taxi, claiming that Shakira was going to pay for him.

Valtier’s messages also included detailed plans for their shared future, which included starting a textile manufacturing company and a… trucking company.

Shakira’s security team raised concerns with authorities after they became aware of Voltier’s activities on social media. Shakira received special packages from the man at her home, such as alcohol, toys and chocolates.

Voltaire’s behavior was considered extremely worrying. The judge also ordered Voltier to refrain from any communication with Shakira and to stop sending packages, and held him on $50,000 bail.

Shakira herself is emerging from a lengthy legal saga, settling her tax fraud case in Spain and being sentenced to a large fine. She also claims that she made this payment to avoid a lengthy trial and jail sentence.

Shakira also accused Spanish authorities of harassment against celebrities.

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