State security does not let the worker who helped the girl Amanda leave the house

Cuban workers yamilka lafitaKnown as Lara Crofts on social networks, this Monday she denounced the harassment by State Security to the extent that she was not allowed to leave her home.

Making clear use of sarcasm, the activist posted on the social network Facebook with a photo of the repressors sent by the Cuban regime to harass her, saying that they did not let her leave her house. “Bring him water and an umbrella because he is dying of heatstroke. And I don’t plan to go out today. Ridiculous,” the complainant insisted.

Facebook Capture/Lara Crofts

He also jokingly asked that they “leave him there at night so he can take out the trash and stuff.”

Facebook Capture/Lara Crofts

Crufts, who has been one of the main promoters of aid girl amandawhich is already He is in Spain to undergo liver transplant surgeryWhat I have been waiting for for a year, a few days ago she made a live video in which she clarified some of the issues in which she was involved last week.

His first reference was to the arrest of a Cuban activist Alberto Turris Betancourt PerezIdentified on Facebook as Generosity Christian Jerusalem, which he was missing for two days,

Crofts assured that state security was to blame for his arrest, in a move he described as “terror, terror”.

“They called him into the Dragoons, and when he got to the lobby of the police station there was a state security agent waiting for him, who lined him up against the wall, handcuffed him, put him in a patrol car and Took him to the police station. Police in Marianao,” he revealed.

The activist said that Betancourt Perez was handcuffed for about four to five hours because the officer who detained him had taken the keys to the handcuffs and they had to wait for him to return.

He explained that his conversations were recorded, as well as that his cell phone was taken and his SIM card deactivated.

In this sense, she assured that all these actions are focused on her, since they are referring to people close to her friends and “disappearing” them.

“You want to talk to me, let’s talk, but don’t use people. If your problem is with me, because I have no problem with you, or there is nothing to talk about, then call me,” the young woman told State Security.

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