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WhatsApp It is attracting the attention of many users due to the large number of functions that will arrive in the coming weeks, such as artificial intelligence, the function of being able to create stickers without programs and even being able to change the entire color of the platform. .

However, many people will not enjoy future updates on January 31st because they have Failed to comply with the terms and conditions Of WhatsApp, How do I avoid getting penalized by Meta App? Well it is quite simple.

Look: Due to these reasons your WhatsApp account will be suspended on January 31

You just have to take the following steps so that your account does not get suspended for any reason at the end of the month. Here we tell you.

How to stop Meta from closing your account on January 31st

  • First of all you should uninstall WhatsApp Plus from your mobile. APK can be harmful not only for you but also for your contacts as the conversations are not encrypted and any third party can easily view and expose them.
  • You should not send the same message to your contacts so many times. If you have to do this urgently, it is always best to use the well-known “broadcast lists”.
  • You don’t even need to send messages to strangers. It is best that the person you want to message has you registered in their number list, otherwise they may block you or simply report you.
  • Check that you have not received programs, viruses or movie-like content. Otherwise, if you send it to someone else, you may be approved immediately. If you are affected, it is best to delete that message.
  • Always try to save a backup copy after following these recommendations on your WhatsApp so that all the bad things are erased and you can use the application throughout 2024.

Why will your WhatsApp account be suspended on January 31?

  • You should never spam or send messages to all your friends at the same time. This may compromise your account and may cause WhatsApp to shut it down or ban you temporarily. be very careful.
  • In a situation where you send mass messages and a large number of people block you, you will be sanctioned for a reasonable period of time, it is also possible that you may be sanctioned for carrying out activity not covered by WhatsApp rules. Will be banned for. ,
  • Sending adult content on WhatsApp is also strictly prohibited. This means that if you send this type of file in the app, it could cost you your conversations.
  • In the case of third-party apps, even though they already have some form of anti-restriction, they can be harmful to your conversations. APKs like WhatsApp Plus, iPhone-style WhatsApp, MB WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp will be able to lock your account.
  • One thing you should know is that if you forward a message to more than 5 people then you can also get a penalty from WhatsApp. Try waiting a while or use well-known broadcast lists to avoid problems.

How to Get iPhone WhatsApp Emoji on Android

  • The first thing you should do is download the zFont application on your Android cell phone.
  • If you can’t find the app, you just have to use Add,
  • Now open the keyboard and you need to download the emoji pack of the latest iOS version.
  • To do this, simply click on download and then click “Set up”.
  • The application will ask you to select the model of cell phone from which you want the emoji. Select iPhone.
  • Once you’re done, you just have to open WhatsApp. Tap on any conversation and then write to your friend.

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