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Once upon a time there was a being passionate about telling stories. Since time immemorial we narrate plots and we do not only do it in mythologies, stories, novels or movies, we also do it when explaining what surrounds us and when we communicate with other people.

Telling a story, or storytellingnot only is it present in the most obvious places—such as in a short story—it is also found in numerous ways of expressing ourselves that we usually don’t associate with developing a plot.

Claudia Contreras, CMO & Head of Marketing of the Mobile division at Samsung Electronics Mexico

Today, technological advances have opened up a world of possibilities to create stories, with multiple platforms and means to build narratives never seen before. One of the best examples is the metaverse, which at first might be thought to be limited to VR headsets, but goes far beyond universes that are only accessible with a specialized headset.

With anteriority, had already explored the great possibilities offered by the metaverse, or those virtual worlds that can go from games or concerts, to being an evolution of videoconferences to digitally replicate a workspace. These alternatives in many cases are already a reality and are opening new ways to tell our stories.

Last year, coinciding with the launch of the Galaxy Z Fold4 and Galaxy Z Flip4 foldable smartphones, we launched our Smart City in Fortnite, where players were able to experience and interact with Samsung products in a whole new way. Then when you open the House of SAM in Decentraland Not only did we expand our presence in the metaverse with exclusive games and NFTs, we also did it with unique experiences like virtual concerts and with live streaming together with technology experts.

▲ SmartCity S23 in Fortnite

With these efforts we have found a new way to tell our story, to go beyond an advertisement, presentation or billboard. We in the metaverse are already creating new approaches for users to discover and experience how epic a product or launch can be.

These types of strategies are especially important in an industry where change is the norm. With a narrative that integrates various communication platforms, it is possible to build new ways of telling stories; for example, by turning the Galaxy S23 series’ Nightography photography advancements into a night vision ability during a game, or by creating virtual avatars that change the way you communicate online.

The best example of this last point is Samour digital expert who has already conquered the public through publications, videos and even interviewsand which has introduced an original way of sharing how our products can make everyday life easier.

Since its introduction, SAM has helped us turn topics that would simply be a user guide into stories, since in its interactions it has been in charge of creating real examples of the way Samsung’s connected ecosystem works.

In this way, the metaverse and virtual avatars are allowing us to cross and unite multiple generations, since a story cannot be the same for each person. Today more than ever we must integrate everyone into the storytelling so that they become part of the narrative and build their own stories worth sharing.

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