Street Fighter Pro Player lashes out at the Chilean League of Legends scene

A new controversy has arisen these days, this after the professional player of Street Fighter, younghouthrew a Hot Take (deliberately provocative comment) on the Chilean scene of League of Legends.

The situation occurred through the Twitter platform, after the psychologist retweeted a post, which incited to launch an “acid” opinion about the MOBA. Thus, the main Birdie and representative of the Capcom Tour 2023 wrote: “Lol Chilenos pro players are bad, they lack discipline and grit. The Chilean FGC with fewer resources has gone about 10 times further……. COBRAAAAAAA.

This comment started a series of reactions from the community of League of Legendswho tried to show the difference between being a pro in a MOBA and a fighting game.

«It is super comparable to be a pro in a shitty game like sf V, which has 2,000,000 monthly players, all shitty against lol, which has 150 million monthly players.«, «The hopium is good, but no! Do not compare a solitary game with a team ones” and “I do not defend the Loleros, but for me those who play those Street Fighters professionally and any other fighting game of the same kind, although I respect them for making a living like this, for me they are the true one-armed“, were some of the comments.

The answer

Other fighting game players, and even MOBA players, stepped up to defend younghou or demonstrate that said comments are true. The vast majority highlighted the great capital and support that players receive from League of Legendswhich contrasts with the poor quality or the lack of results from the players.

«They have all the comforts and supports and are still bad at LOL«, «100% agree«, «In South America they are all bad, in the US the same, in Europe the same, the only really good ones are the Koreans” and “Instead of putting Chilean lol you put Latin Americans and it looks better. Still, you’re right“wrote other netizens.

The fact escalated so much that even some comments served as material for memes, being that of Facebook the most used. This one even came out on the page scrubquotesa well-known Twitter profile that collects various quotes from “salty” people.

The facts

Putting the ball on the floor, it is public knowledge that the level of the LATAM scene of League of Legends It is low. This situation became evident in 2022, after the isurus I couldn’t even qualify in the first phase of the World Cup.

This fact was emphasized by the caster Lady Ixelwho wrote in his profile: «Out of the way, the LoL Latam scene has had many options to stand out and they did not. Instead of attacking the FG, it would be good to see more debate on how to improve. The individual vs. team thing sounds like an excuse to me, because Q hasn’t stood out either.«.

If we take this to the other side, there are several Chilean players who have been able to succeed in their respective fighting games. Cases to highlight are Kane Blue River (Marvel vs. Capcom 3), Matias and Nicolas Martinez (Mortal Kombat 11), HeyGeorge (Injustice 2), Zero (Smash Bros. Brawl – 3DS/Wii U), Mystery (KoF XIII) and the same younghou (Street Fighter).

For now, it is difficult to close this discussion, understanding that within this topic there are several variables to analyze or debate. However, this also once again exposes the local situation of the scene in the FGCs, which requires more visibility, as well as that of League of Legendswhich has already had several changes for this 2023, both for its regional format (LVP) and its Latin American League (LLA).

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