Summary LEC Matchday 4: New solo leader

LEC Matchday 4 Vitality leader

Brand new start to the second week of the League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC). The European competition continues to make people talk in their spring season and some teams are already giving great clues about their level. The day 4 let us two prominent namesalthough one of them does not do it in a good way. Team Vitality and fnatic they take all the looks of this Saturday. While Fnatic slipped back to bottom, Team Vitality earned their fourth victory by winning the solo battle against SK for the lead. In other news, the Spanish representatives smiled again. victory of mad lions, koi and Team Heretics that added up to an important day.

This is how the LEC classification looks after its Matchday 4, Vitality reigns alone and Fnatic still does not know victory / Via: LVPesLoL

Astralis vs. MAD Lions: The lion starts the week roaring

The good feelings return mad lions start the second week of LEC on the right foot. The lions prevailed before Astralis in an important duel more than direct. The importance was not only related to the result, but also to the forms. MAD Lions showed up again with the LEC finalist level and crushed Astralis totally.

The blows for the crimsons came from the champions select where Adam Ilyasov «LEADER» was heavily punished. He midlaner Norwegian was countered with picks that nullify many of their favorite champions. The cancellation was fully included in the item and mad lions swept by the hand of Javier Prades «elyoya» and Zdravets Galabov «hylissang«. The lions add the 2-2 and equal with Astralis, although the sensations of MAD Lions suggest that they will shoot towards the highest positions.

Team Heretics vs. EXCEL Esports: Heretics open their can in the Spring LEC

Immense joy for the followers of Team Heretics and the Spanish representation in LEC, heretics get their first victory. Team Heretics prevails against EXCEL Esports and they start the second week in a good way. The team led by Marcin Jankowsky «jankos» added his first victory in the spring LEC and against an important rival.

Although jankos shone again, the outstanding performance that Team Heretics appreciated was that of Jakob Kepple «jackspektra«. The Norwegian shooter returned to his best level and demonstrated his high ability with a Zeri unstoppable. Jackspektra stepping up certainly gave Team Heretics more potential. However, should be more constant so that the heretics leave the lower zone of the table.

Fnatic vs Team BDS: Fnatic still without scoring in the LEC

We have already seen the good news regarding those most in need, now it is the bad news. Fnatic loses again, this time against Team BDS and is still winless this spring. The orange team failed to take a step forward in terms of their performance and once again ran into a defeat that left bad feelings.

The fourth came and Fnatic should start to worry. Team BDS is far superior to Fnatic and leaves them as bottom with a 0-4. The Swiss team was much superior, especially in the bottom lane where Juš Marušič «crownie» marked a very high gap with respect to Martin Larsson «Rekkles«. The difference between shooters was notorious and Fnatic collapsed again due to the lack of game production.

Team Vitality vs. SK Gaming: The LEC has a new solo leader

Clash of unbeaten teams in the LEC, SK Gaming and Vitality dueled to defend their leaderboards and claim the sole leader spot. Although both teams came at such a high level, Team Vitality was the one that presented itself in better shape. The bees once again demonstrated a very high level and incorrigible patience to close such an important match.

Masterful performance by Vitality, showing off all the pieces of his team at a high level. The greatest recognitions go to Elias Lipp «upset» and Norman kaiser. The German duo from the bottom lane shone par excellence with a Lucian-Nami which they handled perfectly. Vitality clears solo in first position, while SK Gaming gets its first loss against the fearsome French team.

KOI vs. G2 Esports: Carp pack a quality hit

vital victory of koi to renew illusions The tents beat G2 Esports in an action-packed match which KOI was able to lift to an incredible level. KOI gets his second win by kicking off a second week by defeating G2. The tents recover sensations winning the champion of divided of winter in a game where taking a step forward was more than necessary.

splendid game of koiespecially from Markos Stamkopoulos «comp» and Mathias Jensen «Szygenda«. Both players gave the chest and gave the victory to a KOI that renew sensations After a somewhat strange start. The tents cause the second tumble of a G2 that he is making mistakes and it is already the second game that escapes them.

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