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Madness reaches the 2023 Super League this year at the hands of Jokers. If in the first place they were the team of Bisons those who surprised with their exotic draft and their lol champagne, in second, a story devoid of sanity was forged. The lol with ballsthe village team either the clowns (although they were not up to many jokes), they surprised everyone. Even though the promotion places «They had already been distributed in December»for two other teams by the names of their members, Jokers finally achieved the long-awaited promotion and also, playing a very attractive League of Legends for the public.

Palmares of Jokers in League of Legends

LVP SL second division playoffs: summer 2022.

LVP SL second division RS: summer 2022.

Total titles: 1.

Roster of Jokers for the Super League 2023

Jokers Roster for Super League 2023 / Source via Jokers


Role: Top.
Country: Czech Republic.
Date of birth: December 10, 2000.
Most relevant previous teams: UCAM Esports, Barça eSports, We love Gaming.

With a compliant profile, dreedy gave a better version of himself in the divided summer, which has earned him to stay in a Super League with a very high level in the upper lane. Player specialized in duelists, he has a golden opportunity to show that he deserves to continue at the highest level of ERL. On a roster with young promises and players who come from the lower leagues, the Czech is expected to bring that experience and serenity that Jokers will require of him to remain in first place.


  • Super League Playoffs: Spring 2021.

Most used champions in 2022:

  • gnar: 15 games, 53% win, 3 KDA
  • camille: 9 games, 55.6% win, 2.7 KDA
  • gwen: 7 games, 57.1% win, 3.9 KDA
Record 31W25L Gold lead at 15 55.4% Viewpoints per minute 1.09
win rate 55.4% CS difference at 15 -1.6 wards per minute 0.45
KDA 3.4 Gold difference at 15 -100 damage per minute 428.6
CS per minute 8.1 EXP difference at 15 -54 % Damage 21.1%
gold per minute 391 Participation in the FB 14.3% K+A per minute 0.23
Prayed % 21.5% Victim FB 8.9% only kills 14
Participation in the murders 52%   Pentakills 0
Dreedy’s statistics in 2020 competing for Barça eSports.


Role: Jungle.
Country: Germany.
Date of birth: ?
Most relevant previous teams: Eintracht Frankfurt, 404 Multigaming, Penta Academy.

After years in the lower categories of Germany, Akre (also known as Akremi) joins the Jokers team to compete in Superliga 2023. Player mechanical profile, usually generates advantages for their teams without too many mistakes even in bad team games. We will have to keep an eye on it this year since it is one of the young promises coming this year.


  • A1 eSports Legend Cup: Spring 2022
  • PRM 1st division: winter 2021
  • PRM 2nd division group 3: Summer 2020

Most used champions in 2022:

Due to the problems obtaining information from the players in the lower German leagues, we leave you the statistics of the champions that Akre has used this 2022 competing for Eintracht Frankfurt this 2022

Statistics of Akre employed more than once during this 2022 for Eintracht Frankfurt. / Source via Leaguepedia


Country: Spain
Date of birth:
Role: Medium.
Most relevant previous teams: G2 Arctic, kawaii Kiwis, eMonkeyz, Movistar Riders.

After being one of the main architects of the success of Jokers in second, first being second class champions and later achieving promotion, Hydra will continue in the entity. The team of ruben garcia He fully trusts Spanish and no wonder. The mid lane dominance Next to the improvement of your regularity They have allowed him to receive a new opportunity in Superliga 2023 with Jokers after his ephemeral stint with Emonkeyz for the Iberian Cup. control wizard player and little erratic, he must assume stripes this 2023 and lead this team together with Dreedy.


  • LVP Superliga 2nd Division Playoffs: summer 2022.
  • LVP Superliga 2nd division RS: Summer 2022.
  • storm circuit: 2021.
  • Nexus League split 2: 2020.
  • Nexo League split 1 Playoffs: 2020.
  • 3 Nations Cup: 2022.

Most used champions in 2022:

  • corky: 10 games, 30% win, 3.9 KDA
  • oriana: 6 games, 66.6% win, 11 KDA
  • ziggs: 6 games, 66.6% win, 16.8 KDA
Record 21W7L Gold lead at 15 67.9% Viewpoints per minute 0.96
win rate 75.8% CS difference at 15 +8.3 wards per minute 0.44
KDA 4.6 Gold difference at 15 +87 damage per minute 604.5
CS per minute 8.8 EXP difference at 15 +262 % Damage 26.6%
gold per minute 426 Participation in the FB 10.7% K+A per minute 0.32
Prayed % 22.6% Victim FB 0% only kills 12
Participation in the murders 66.1%   Pentakills 0
Hydra statistics in 2022 the second split of Superliga second competing for Jokers


Country: Poland
Date of birth: November 5, 2021
Role: Shooter.
Most relevant previous teams: Bifrost, PDW, Illuminar Gaming

The Polish player is one of the surprises that the team of Bifrost in 2022. After his great role in the NLCbeing on the verge of lifting the title on 2 occasions, Odi reaches a league where although he has not yet played, You know how they spend it in Spain. executor of boat or of fnatic TQ in EUMpartner of Dual and rival of attila either kasing In the NLC, Odi has shown enough level to have a chance in the 2023 Super League alongside Jokers. We can expect from him climbing champions and spectacular performance in group battles.


  • NLC RS: Spring 2022
  • Ultra League Playoffs: Season 6
  • Omen & Intel Kuznia talentów: 2020
  • Grimorr League Playoffs: Season 1

Most used champions in 2022:

  • jinx: 13 games, 76.9% win, 6.0 KDA
  • Aphelios: 11 games, 72.7% win, 4.7 KDA
  • Senna: 11 games, 54.5% win, 3.9 KDA
Record 41W27L Gold lead at 15 60.3% Viewpoints per minute 1.11
win rate 60.3% CS difference at 15 +2.5 wards per minute 0.45
KDA 4.8 Gold difference at 15 +419 damage per minute 631.4
CS per minute 8.2 EXP difference at 15 +143 % Damage 29.9%
gold per minute 442 Participation in the FB 13.2% K+A per minute 0.35
Prayed % 24.4% Victim FB 11.8% only kills eleven
Participation in the murders 70.4%   Pentakills 0
Stats of Odi11 competing in 2022 for Bifrost


Country: Germany
Date of birth: ?
Most relevant previous teams: Hertha BSC, Cowana Gaming, TKA E-sports, Relic Esports.

Another pearl of the German quarry that will arrive at the hand of Jokers to the Super League in 2023 and that, like his already partner and old rival Akre, was left at the gates of promoting to the first division. After his remarkable performance with 2 clear profiles of champions in his champion pool, the player arrives at a club with an objective that is quite different from his previous team and if he performs, with time to grow and show how far he can go. He will arrive with an extra motivation after surprise in Germany by becoming champion of the PRM Super Cup 2022 militating in a second division team.


  • PRM Super Cup: 2022.
  • PRM 2nd Division Playoffs: spring 2022.
  • PRM 2nd Division RS: Summer 2022, Spring 2022.
  • Unleague Playoffs: Winter 2020.
  • Unliga RS: winter 2022.
  • PRM 2nd Division group 4: Spring 2020.

Most used champions in 2022:

Due to the problems obtaining information from the players in the lower German leagues, we leave you the statistics of the champions that Nio has used this 2022 competing for Hertha BSC this 2022.

Statistics of Nio employed more than once during this 2022 for Hertha BSC / Source via Leaguepedia


Country: Spain
Role: September 3, 1987.
Most relevant previous teams:

As a player: ASUS ROG ARMY, Giants, x6tence, Dragons EC, Team Salsalol, Wizards.

as a coach: Team Heretics, UCAM Tokiers, Cream Real Betis, x6tence, Movistar Riders.

One of the greatest legends of the Spanish scene and pioneer as much as player What content creator, motorco comes to Jokers for bring that experience to the young promises of the club. An expert in squeezing the maximum potential out of his many limited squads, he was the exact profile that the entity of ruben garcia needed.

This past 2022, after personal problems, he left the Heretics team and after recovering, he took the reins of a UCAM team which began with serious internal problems and ended saving the square comfortablyplaying a very worked League of Legends and surprising everyone achieving the Iberian Cup 2022.

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