Super League – Matchday 16: Giants won and dreams of the Playoffs

The second Superweek of the super league has come to an end, after an XL week of pure League of Legendsthe contest organized by the LVP, and with one last week of competition remaining, he already knows three of the six teams that will be competing in the Playoffs where they will seek to make their way to reach the Grand Final that will take place in the Multipurpose Hall of the Zaragoza Auditorium the next first of April.

Among the teams that already have a guaranteed place in the following instance we find The Heretics (13-3); Rebels Gaming (13-3) and Fnatic TQ (10-6). If we start to see the Leaderboard we see that Barça eSports and Movistar Riders (both 9-7) are almost classified, however, still in 7th place is a Giants (7-9) that with two dates to go still dreams of an epic qualification to Playoffs.

In addition to the victories of The Heretics and Giants, this last day of super week we have had a great victory Fnatic TQ who starts laying off oscarinin already Advent that they will go to the main team of fnatic to compete in the highest competition in Europe. Without further ado, below we bring you everything that this Day 16 of Super League.

Fnatic TQ – Jokers (1-0)

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This last day of super week of super league started with a great victory Fnatic TQ of oscarinin and company. The team of toplaner Spanish woke up on this day with the news that made official the promotion of oscarinin and Advent to the main team of fnatic, so we are before the last games of both the top lane and the Dutch support in the squad of Super League.

Regarding the game, jokers that started this second super week in the best way possible, breaking their losing streak of 13 consecutive losses with a surprising victory against Bisons, he met with defeats again. The formula was something we had already seen in games of jokers, Navarro’s team began dominating the Summoned Rift and even got a good lead in gold, however the rivals, in this case Fnatic TQthey managed to change the course of the game to stay with a good victory and thus achieve victory # 10 of the season.

Barça eSports – Giants (0-1)

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The second game of the day had two great protagonists, on the one hand the Barcelona eSports of whiteknight who is already in the Playoffs of super league with a 9-6 record; while in the other corner of Summoner’s Rift stood a giants that although they are walking through the abyss of elimination, they do not want to leave without fighting first and today they have taken a very important step in that dream that has the Playoffs as its goal.

The illusion of the Playoffs is intact after the giants de Málaga defeated with great forcefulness the group of Barcelona eSports with a great performance of the trident Attila, Alby and Decay, the latter giving classes with Renekton staying with him MVP. Regarding the game, giants he quickly prevailed on Summoner’s Rift, taking down every single neutral target in the match. This gave him a lot of advantage that although they could have closed it before the game, accompanied by the bonus of Baron Nashor they allowed him to put the finishing touch to a great game to continue in the race.

UCAM Tokiers – Rebels (0-1)

Image Source: LVP.

UCAM Tokiers is one of the other teams that are already without the possibility of qualifying for the Playoffs, the Murcian team similarly sought by all means to give their followers a new victory, however they ran into a rebels what a relentless state and it only took him a little over 20 minutes to wrap up the game to claim his 13th win of the season.

The bot lane duo of the rebels was the key piece of this new victory, Rayito (sivir) and Obstinatus (annie) They played a fundamental role and they did it in a great way in front of the botlane of UCAM (Rafitta and Kadir). Rebels had three players with perfect scores, Rayito 07/0/10 (17 KDA), xico 06/0/11 (17 KDA) and AHaHaCiK 03/0/14 (17 KDA), however the MVP It wasn’t for any of them, but for Obstinatus. The Portuguese support has played a fundamental role with its Annie and not only made a difference in bot lane, but throughout Summoner’s Rift as well.

Bisons Eclub – The Heretics (0-1)

In the final stretch of this Matchday 16, Bisons began to play the qualification to Playoffswith two days to go before the Regular Season ends, the bison they fell again this time in front of The Heretics of flakked and company. With this new fall Bisons reached its eighth loss of the season and after the triumph of giants In the second game of this Matchday 16, although the Bisontes have one foot in the next instance, they still need one more victory to guarantee their ticket to Playoffs.

Regarding today’s game, Heretics They played an almost perfect League of Legends, the current European and Spanish champions managed to prevail quickly and the snowball effect was lethal. The entire squad of heretics finished with more than inflated statistics, however it was once again flakked the one who took the MVP of the game The Spanish shooter once again gave classes with draven and with a score of 9/2/13 (11 KDA) he was one of the fundamental pieces for The Heretics keep on at the top of the Super League.

Movistar Riders – Finetwork KOI (0-1)

After balance that Ibai made about the performance of Finetwork KOI in this edition of the super league, the tents they had to face Movistar Riders to close not only Matchday 16, but also the Superweek of the contest. The situation of koi in super league is critical, because the results have not been as expected at all and even with two days of the Regular Season to go, the team Violet already finds itself without the possibility of qualifying for the next instance, what will be the changes that are coming in KOI?

Regarding this last game of the day, the tents got a great win this time against Movistar Riders, the riders they seemed to be dressed as executioners and with a isma (Sejuani) in mode carry they would take the victory for Madrid, however the late game it suited KOI who managed not only to match the wide margin of gold that he carried Movistar Riders, but they turned the mandate of the game to achieve their fifth victory of the season. In this way and with a 9-7 record, although they are with one foot inside, qualifying for playoffs for the riders not yet insured.

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