Superliga Matchday 6: Koldo smiles back at KOI

KOI returns to victory Super League Matchday 6

The Super League returned and did so with a sixth day of League of Legends action packed. It seems that the teams were inspired by the metagame taught in the LEC. Matchday 6 of the Super League had a very leading champion, Elise. The spider has returned to competition and it was with this champion that KOI returned to victory. At the same time, Movistar Riders was another team that included Elise in their plans, being in charge of ensuring the riders sleep on top one more week. Although not alone, Bisons remains strong and joins Riders in the first position. The day was completed with the return of giants to victory and with The Heretics denying a new attempt jokers for adding the first victory.

Jokers – The Heretics: The reigning champion condemns the new Super League

The third week of the Super League opens for the LVP and it does so with a duel between opposite poles. The current champion of the Super League continues his streak while he lengthens the thread of defeats for Jokers. The Heretics beat Jokers on the fast track opening a matchday 6 with a long-awaited result. Without any shock, the academy of heretics prevails over a Jokers who, in addition to being bottom team, has overtones of not leaving the bottom.

brutal beating of The Heretics who had a Subicz Dániel «bluerzor» fully active. The Bulgarian jungler put his boots back on for the team recover the sensations of being a candidate for the title. Brutal connection of Los Herejes to win a game as required, with solvency. Perfect match by Víctor Lirola «flakked«, who adds another MVP and is emerging as one of the most outstanding of the regular season. For his part, Jokers sinks into the depths of the table and little by little the few chances of raising his head recede. Although the playoffs They’re too far out of reach the clowns will need to score at least their first win in the Super League to lift in terms of spirit.

Finetwork KOI – Fnatic TQ: Koldo Woven Victory

The tents needed to add and Luís Pérez «Koldo» He pulled a trick out of his hat. incredible recovery from KOI to start the third week with a very important victory. KOI Academy beats Fnatic TQ in a demonstration of perfect synchrony. By the hand of the Elise of Koldo, KOI swept Fnatic’s academy in the early game. The tents gave a recital in the early stages, overwhelming a Fnatic TQ that opted for scaling.

KOI fans and slow game ‘haters’ smile. Koldo’s Elise wreaked havoc on the mapputting Jakub Rucki ahead «Sinmivak» and João Novais Bigas «Roof«. Vital victory for KOI that seems to be in the process of recovering. The tents are put 2-4 and climb the first step of the comeback. On the side of Fnatic TQ, the defeat feels bad and continues to give sensations of instability in a team that seems to be one of the best when it wins but leaves big questions when it loses, not because of the defeat, but because of the manner in which it was defeated.

Giants – UCAM Tokiers: The giants add the second in Super League

Like Finework KOI, Giants begin week three by adding their second win. Victory almost perfect of the giants against a UCAM Tokiers that begins to see the seams. Giants crushes UCAM in a clinical game, giving up only one kill and sweeping the match phase. The Malaga team had an outstanding performance by Nicholas Gawron «decay«, who took advantage of all the finals that he could take with his sylas.

perfect synchrony of giants to add his second victory and not lose track of the KOI himself who also added. The team led by Amadeu Carvalho «attila» returns to victory and begins to add to not let the distance with the high positions grow. giants begins to fulfill the words of Attila, who in a interview with us commented that the team needed time to connect at a good level and it seems that this is already happening.

Movistar Riders – Barça eSports: No doubt, riders fly

pristine performance of Movistar Riders that will continue another week at the top. The riders go over Barça and do not leave the leadership of the Super League. Elise becomes the protagonist of the day 6this time being Ismaïl Boualem «isma» who walks through the crack with the champion. Riders crushes with solvency to the culé team and he does it with a Alvaro Fernández del Amo present in all situations.

The oppression he proposed Barcelona eSports with Caitlin Y Ashe in the bottom lane it was totally denied and punished by multiple appearances of Isma. The French jungler teams up with Koldo to make Elise the featured champion after the LEC read. Barça eSports falls and is grouped in the middle table with a 3-3 that continues to tighten the table, where the results of the direct duels.

Bisons – Rebels: Elise, the Super League champion

There are no two without three and Bisons knows that. The Bilbao team takes out the Elise and makes the champion finish matchday 6 with 100% victories. Bisons achieves a brilliant victory against Rebels in a duel to accompany Riders in the first position. Although the Elise was not the only reason for the victory.

Bisons deployed all the laboratory by Pablo Menendezmarhoder» to secure first place. A Sett for Adam Grepl”Random” and one Shyvana toplane for Alex Villarejo «Myrwn«, the formula of victory. Bisons managed to constantly pressure the bot lane so that the Rebels marksman is not comfortable. Although Michael Curtet «Rayito» had a clean game, Rebels failed to capitalize on big advantages with their featured player. Bisons close with an immortal Myrwn and ends up in first position with an innovative game to say the least.

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