Johnny Depp requires accounts to Amber Heard by your divorce agreement

The actor wants to see that efectivamete Heard has donated to the charity that received it as compensation.   Johnny Depp has issued subpoenas to gather any communication which may have had his ex-wife Amber Heard with several charities after the divorce of the couple. The star of Pirates of the Caribbean is asking for … Read more

Twitter accounts of Adam Sandler and Mariah Carey were hacked

Racist insults, and against other celebrities is the recognizable brand of the so-called Chuckling Squad, a group of hackers that hackean accounts of celebrities. The most recent victim was actor Adam Sandler and singer Mariah Carey. The December 31, the account of Carey, with 21.4 million followers, was used to post messages that are racist, … Read more

“The Beatles are better than the Rolling Stones” and “Gilmour is believed to own Pink Floyd”: the rock classics they revive their outstanding accounts in quarantine

To lack of gigs, the planet of music continues to rotate at the point of the new releases but also on the basis of the file and the memory. Exposed to the running of the bulls and the inevitable self-review, the world seeks comfort in the immediate past -proven by the revival of the classics … Read more

Alexa Dellanos triumphs in their social network accounts

Alexa Dellanos, the daughter of the famous journalist Myrka Dellanos, shows that the work you do on your social networks is to perfection. The girl is becoming more and more popular and already has over two million followers on Instagram. Alexa Dellanos viraliza one of their recent publications on Instagram, where he performs a dance, … Read more

The accounts of HBO, Max, was attacked by fans of Zack Snyder

From long ago, the followers of DC have asked Warner Bros. show the original version of ‘Justice League’, and believed they would come to the new streaming platform, which is why fans of Zack Snyder attack HBO Max. The hashtag #ReleaseTheSnyderCut along with the constant publications of the filmmaker have caused it to ask for … Read more

The stars of TikTok that have converted their accounts into something very productive

For most of us, TikTok it’s just a fun way to pass the time, whether you make videos or just see. But for some of the biggest stars rich of TikTok (at least those who are not yet celebrities ), the social networking platform has become a full-time job and very lucrative. The major stars … Read more

Five accounts on Instagram that you have to follow during the quarantine | social Networks | Miley Cyrus | Jen Atkin | Alexandra Pereira | Jimmy Kimmel | Viviana Ferrari Attitude Viu

Today, the whole world is going through a time extremely difficult because of the coronavirus. As referred to by the UN secretary-general, António Guterres, “We face the worst economic crisis since the Second World War”. ►Cinnamon Style: The campaign that moves the social networks in times of Coronavirus ►Sergio Rossi, the “king” of Italian shoes … Read more