The mom of Chris Hemsworth looks so young in the photographs released by the actor

Brook Mitchell via Getty Images May 10 is one of the most important dates, because we celebrate the mothers in various countries of the world. Thanks to this date, many celebrities did not let the opportunity pass to show off their beautiful mothers in tender publications in their social networks. Instagram This was the case … Read more

– VIDEO | Drake Bell | TikTok: Actor burned coincidentally, the original lyrics of the song from “Drake and Josh” – News Peru

Will it be a plan, Megan? Drake Bell has experienced an embarrassing incident while trying to rescue the original lyrics of the song “Drake and Josh”. The theme of the a successful program of Nickelodeon it was composed and performed by him. Through your account in TikTokthe actor and singer I tried to do a … Read more

the actor came back with an old love

Yes, we also thought that there was a possibility now that Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are single, perooo, apparently, his ‘comeback’ will remain a fantasy since Zac left of being single and came back with an old love, but not with whom he shared 5 years of relationship… but… Oh Zac Efron is in … Read more

Chris Pratt: Actor Marvel will star in “The Terminal List”, the new series of Amazon Prime

Chris Pratt mark her return to television with the series “the Terminal List”. Amazon has acquired the rights of the adaptation of the novel of Jack Carrand selected Antoine Fuqua as the director behind the project. U.s. media pointed out that Amazon it has been the winner in a struggle between several digital platforms has … Read more

A actor of Disney Channel would be the first choice to play Moon Knight

The streaming platform Disney+ has become the best ally of Marvel to expand the MCU, so that is already developing new productions which will be presented to different characters that make up this universe, so that is currently looking for actors who will interpret these new heroes, and apparently, Shia LaBeouf would be Moon Knight. … Read more

What?! Jennifer Lopez remembers romantic moment next to a famous actor

What?! Jennifer Lopez remembers romantic moment next to a famous actor Apparently Jennifer Lopez has been very nostalgic during these weeks, by what we have seen share in your account Instagram some of their best scenes of the movie, and now he touched turn to actor Matthew McConaughey. Remember that Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey … Read more

Criticism of an actor of ‘The Witcher’ to Henry Cavill giving where it hurts

The filming of the second season of ‘The Witcher’ has been paralyzed since more than a month ago by the coronavirus, and after that one of their signings for the new delivery, Christopher Hivju (which we have also seen in ‘Game of Thrones’), to be positive in the virus. Since then, Henry Cavill is in … Read more

BTS: Jungkook and Jimin against peruvian actor Andrew Wiese by title the most beautiful Face in the world 2020 | Kpop | ARMY | Asian Culture

An unexpected battle has started in the aftermath of the most recent contest from TC Candler: Andrew Wiese, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin will compete for the title of the “most beautiful Face in the world by 2020”. Accustomed to this world-wide event preferences and thanks to his fandom ARMY distributed in all continents, the … Read more