It’s almost not Liam Hemsworth! Actors that were able to be Gale Hawthorne in ‘The Hunger Games’

Thanks to their participation in the films featuring Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth rose to fame in the world, but this could have been another story since that’sand have revealed a number of actors that could be Gale Hawthorne in the films based on the novels of ‘The Hunger Games’. The four films of ‘The Hunger … Read more

“Stranger Things”: pictures of the doubles of the actors in the series of the Netflix Series

The double of risk play an important role in any production, cinematography or television, its function is to perform those scenes that represent a physical danger to the protagonists, and so to avoid any mishap during the filming, and “Stranger Things” it is not alien to it. During the three seasons of the series Netflix … Read more

Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and 6 other actors of Marvel on Instagram

Although Marvel Studios has rescheduled the release dates of new movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) due to the coronavirus, the fans do not have to wait to see more of their favorite stars of Marvel. Why? Because the actor of Iron Man Robert Downey Jr. and many other stars of the MCU are … Read more

Because Robert Downey Jr. it was not always the chosen one: 8 actors who almost become Iron Man

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These actors were about to play ‘Iron Man’ before Robert Downey Jr. | Photogallery | News

1 of 9 According to Jon Favreau, director of Iron Manto EOnline, Marvel refused to hire Robert Downey Jr. due to their arrests involving drugs and multiple visits to the court. I only needed to hear his name for refusing resounding. Therefore, there appeared many other names of actors who end up playing the popular … Read more