“Stranger Things”: pictures of the doubles of the actors in the series of the Netflix Series

The double of risk play an important role in any production, cinematography or television, its function is to perform those scenes that represent a physical danger to the protagonists, and so to avoid any mishap during the filming, and “Stranger Things” it is not alien to it. During the three seasons of the series Netflix … Read more

Will Smith reunites the actors of the ‘Prince of Bel-air’ and homage to Uncle Phill

What + trending The patriarch of the family passed away in 2013 AR Will Smith reunites the actors of the ‘Prince of Bel-air’ and homage to the dude Phill The actor Will Smith has gathered the main actors of the hit comedy of the 90 ‘The prince of Bel-air’ to speak for the measure, all … Read more

Bollywood to Hollywood: Actors who got the jump international

These actors managed to conquer the two big film industries in the globe Priyanka Chopra. Photo: Andreas Rentz / Getty Images It is No secret that Bollywood it is a film industry as large as Hollywoodand is that economically speaking, both left enough money to afford a life of luxury and glamour, however at the … Read more

Why almost no one in the film industry wants to work with these actors? | People | Entertainment

Actors and actresses, creators of moments and iconic in the movies and on some occasions, winners of important prizes of the industry, are well seen on the big screen but among his colleagues and staff are not very friendly, some have acknowledged that do not support working with them. A good example would be that … Read more

Does the MCU without Chris Pratt? John Krasinski and other actors that almost interpreted Star-Lord

In the MCU there are characters more complicated to interpret than the other, without doubt one of them is Peter Quill, who is one of those heroes that has a facade of being a character that exists to make you laugh and make fun of others, but as you know it, you will realize that … Read more

Focus, actors: photos of then and now Will Smith and Margot Robbie | Netflix nnda nnlt Fame

The movie “Focus: Masters of the scam,” written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, has become one of the most viewed Netflix in various countries of the world. The tape was commissioned to assemble a cast of first-level header by Will Smith and Margot Robbie, who joined talents to make a story of … Read more

The before and after of the actors from Drake and Josh at 16 years of its release

16 years ago, Nickelodeon released a series of comedy more popular among the children and adolescents of that era and quickly became its flagship programme over the years: Drake and Josh. The sitcomas it is known to this class of television programmes, told the story of Drake Parker and Josh Nicholstwo half-brothers facing a new … Read more

Guide to the cast of Belgravia: where have you seen the actors before

The cast of the new series. Belgravia it is full of actors recognizable. Created by Julian Fellowes, Belgravia is an adaptation of six episodes of his novel, 2016 of the same name co-produced by ITV and Epix. As the success internationally beloved Fellowes, Downton Abbey, Belgravia is a drama of historical era on rival families … Read more