Academy awards, Scarlett Johansson and other actors that you have received 2 nominations in the same year

One of the best Avengers is not enough to Scarlett Johansson then have agreed to make a movie, stand-alone, for his character, Marvel (Black Widow), in the year of 2019 has also made an effort in two dramatic roles, to remind us that you are one of the best Actresses of her generation. Thanks to … Read more

From Olivia Wilde to Angelina Jolie: here are the 15 actors have become Directors in Hollywood

Tra, the many jobs, where the equality of a man and a woman is still a pipe dream it is, the Director. The number of Directors, exceeds by far those of the Directors. Lack of training opportunities (i.e. money to invest in a project, led by a woman), and credibility are so hard to crush … Read more

Claudia Chambers and Georgina Amorós reveal that the actors ‘Elite’ have two groups of WhatsApp

On the 13th of march will be the beginning of a new school year at The Oaks and the situation is about to explode. As we have seen in the official trailer, ‘Elite’ now has a new low that has left the fandom with a heavy heart and a question in the air: Who is … Read more