10 ads of the week that you must see

Advertising creativity condenses in the video messages more consistent and effective to attract audiences and to do this you must always take note and be aware of. Look then ten messages of recent production, are a source of inspiration that can help you to develop your own projects, audiovisual or multimedia. Brand: MTS BelarusAgency: GreyCampaign: … Read more

TikTok donates $ 250 million to help COVID-19, offers $ 125 million in ads

TikTok today announced that it will provide $ 250 million to the relief efforts of COVID-19, plus $ 125 million in advertising credits for public health organizations and small businesses. The president of TikTok, Alex Zhu, revealed the plans of contribution of his company in a press release, which was shared with Digital Music News. … Read more

the iPhone will soon spin-up ads? Apple, beats and questionable decision-making

iPhones and iPads are a Premium product. But what Apple is now writing the guidelines for iOS the iOS the 13, it doesn’t sound like a Prize. Right now, the developers have been in demand and in the nature.

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Push ads OK Dating Apps if you please, ” iphone-ticker.de

Apple has updated its guidelines for the development of the so-called “App Store Review Guidelines”, and this time, there is only a handful of corrections to the text, but also to substantial changes to the rule book entered into it. The “App Store Review Guidelines explain, it allows the Application providers to which the application … Read more