Shakira takes advantage of the quarantine and graduate in ancient Philosophy

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Ariana Grande takes advantage of the quarantine to create new songs

For some, the quarantine is proving to be a break in their lives and yet for other people is proving to be a time to take advantage and turn it into productive. Ariana Grande is one of the many artists that are taking advantage of the confinement to continue working and the quarantine could be … Read more

Advantage that you’re at home and take care of your body

Editor’s note: Mari Rodriguez Ichaso has been a collaborator of the magazine’s Vanities, for more than two decades. Specialist in fashion, travel, gastronomy, art, architecture and entertainment. Film production company. Columnist Style of CNN in Spanish. (CNN Spanish) — Nothing is clear. We don’t know if that normalcy was so little valued come back, if … Read more

Ariana Grande takes advantage of the social distance to record music from home

Ariana Grande at the Grammy awards, where, unfortunately, does not shine as much as other times | AP It seems that Ariana Grande is recording new music while in the social distancing due to the pandemic that whips the world currently. The singer published a series of photos of his home life during the period … Read more

Sergio Ramos, Cristiano and Pique, with Shakira take advantage of the coronavirus to go back to school -Sports Four

cuatro.comMadrid 19/04/202010:42h. Sergio Ramos, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shakira and Gerard PiqueSOCIAL NETWORKS/ @3gerardpique @cristiano @sergioramos Ramos, Cristiano and Shakira take advantage of the confinement to study What better way to take advantage of the confinement to study and expand your knowledge. This has been due to think Sergio Ramos, Shakira or Cristiano Ronaldo. Gerard Pique you … Read more

How to take advantage of the ‘roller’, the latest revolution in cosmetics

Are photogenic and accumulate likes in Instagram but, in addition to being the beauty gadget of fashion, the rollers facial stones noble enhance the action of the cosmetics, activate the microcirculation and drains the bags under the eyes. Among his legion of fans include many centres pointerswhich include them in their protocols. “The skin benefits … Read more

What will not be exaggerating? Kylie Jenner is recovering an operation and we took advantage of the situation

In recent years, Kylie Jenner he proved that he is one of the most influential celebrities for the world of fashion and entertainment. In fact, each appearance that makes it manages to call the attention of their fans. Recently, the famous model he was in the middle of a controversy after appearing in a new … Read more

Take advantage of the series free offers Facebook Watch

Not only the big television channels or video platforms pay are the only ones that they provide a good and complete material. This latter function of the social network features a great variety of content to their users without having to pay for it. Facebook Watch has gained great recognition in the netizens, offering series, … Read more

Bella Thorne takes advantage of quarantine and pleased fans with tremendous dance

United States.- The actress, Bella Thornethrough its publications Instagram difundi a provocative video in which he was seen dancing so sensual. In the instant it is observed to the ‘exchica Disney‘carrying a tiny short cachetero, which steals sighs of own and strangers. For all the gossips, I wrote. Until now, their last update registers two … Read more