Adventure and comedy to withstand the running of the bulls: The last two movies Jumanji streaming

Before the days went by and now the weeks go by. Quarantine to reduce the famous curve of the coronavirus continues, and even those who retain their occupations will exhaust the sources of entertainment. The large number of television services in streaming help to endure the cramped feeling that is eternal and on this occasion … Read more

‘Digimon Adventure 2020’: And are the opening and the end credits of the new series

The door to the Digital World is open again. The early morning of 4 April, began their broadcasts in Japan the new ‘Digimon Adventure’, the anime that retrieves the Children Chosen original. Izzy, Mimi, TK, Sora and the others to return with their beloved monsters digital for to live new adventures every Sunday on japanese … Read more

The reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’ shows his character designs of the Digital World

The franchise japanese ‘Digimon’, who turned 20 years old recently, still very much alive. Now returns in the form of a reboot of ‘Digimon Adventure’one of their first projects will be released as a new series, and it is for this reason that they have redesigned the characters for the Digital World (DigiDestined). Crunchyroll has … Read more

‘Digimon Adventure’: The series reboot of ‘Digimon’ already has a release date and new trailer

‘Digimon’ becomes strong in this 2020. Apart from the premiere of the movie ‘Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna’, also opens the series reboot ‘Digimon Adventure’. According to Comickbook the synopsis of this series says: “The Digital World is now an integral part of the human life, But humans still don’t know. The protagonist is a … Read more

Critical, ‘Onward’ has all the magic of Pixar, although it may take a whole adventure to find it

This year we have a double serving of original from Pixar, which is a very good news after so many sequels. The first of these is ‘Onward’, the new Dan Scanlon (‘Monsters University’), a film that takes us to a fantasy world to, basically, leave it devoid of almost all magic. So we had a … Read more