Coronavirus USA | Kendal l Jenner launches clothing line to help people affected by pandemic COVID-19 | united States | the USA | the US | NNDC-NNES Famous

While still keeping the quarantine in one of their homes in the united States, the model Kendall Jenner has just announced the launch of a clothing collection which seeks to help those affected by the pandemic of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). Queen dedicates “You Are The Champions” in the fight against the coronavirus The sequel … Read more

I shall weep! Look at the sad message that published Justin Bieber for those affected by the coronavirus

Before the spread of the coronavirus in more than 170 countries, there have been many celebrities who have used their social networks to guide their followers on the path of awareness and hope. Such is the case of Justin Bieber. The singer recently issued a message on your social networks of encouragement before the current … Read more

Henry Cavill confesses how much that affected the presence of Ben Affleck in ‘Batman v Superman’

Henry Cavill put on the layer of Clark Kent for the first time in 2016, torque roll ‘Batman v Superman: dawn of justice‘next to Ben Affleck, who also went for the first time in the skin of Bruce Wayne. The film linked to these two great superheroes in a fierce fight never before seen on … Read more

Amber Heard told the story of how addiction affected the conduct of Johnny Depp

The things it seems that they are not going to end soon between the two. The accusations do not stop, and more now that the actress is losing the support of the public, for this the interpreter of Mere in ‘Aquaman’ had to give a few strong statements. Amber Heard tells the addictions of Johnny … Read more

Sophie Turner tells how it has affected your mental health the state of his character in ‘Survive’: “I’ve been obsessed”

When he was finished ‘Game of Thrones’, Sophie Turner carefully chose his next project, and decided to go for ‘Survive‘. The series of chapters of just 8 minutes, has been one of the head titles of the launch of Quibi, a new content platform. ‘Survive’ starts with the premise of Jane, the character of Turner, … Read more

The MCU stopped! A series of Disney+ would be most affected by the pandemic

As is well known, the pandemic caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 has had a big impact on the industry of film, television and the entertainment world in general.This has led to the production stop or the postponement of, and that is why sand announced that a series of Marvel Studios, could be affected. … Read more