Justin Bieber said that his music and style is inspired by the African-American culture

The singer Justin Bieber showed his anger after the death of George Gloyd at the hands of a police officer. Like other artists, Bieber joined the movement Black Lives Matter, which regained strength in various parts of the world. Through their social networks, the Canadian pointed out that it is a recipient of the African-American … Read more

Justin Bieber accepts to have taken advantage of African-American culture for his music

The Canadian artist has shared several messages in their official accounts to support the protests against racism The movement Black Lives Matter has caused several celebrities have decided to raise their voice to condemn racism in the United States. One of them was Justin Bieber, who promised to fight against social injustice by means of … Read more

George Floyd: artists of Hollywood Demi Lovato, Kylie Jenner, Justin Bieber angered by death of african-american | Entertainment

With the rise of social networking, many artists and Hollywood personalities noticed that their platforms can be used to give voice to those social causes that require attention. Now, after the death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in the united States, major stars have expressed their rejection to this act. … Read more

The rapper Cardi B encourages the minority latino and african-american of NY to participate in the census

In a message in Spanish and another in English, the singer of dominican descent, says: “the future is in your hands”, while gesturing frantically with his hands decorated with its characteristic long fingernails, which leads painted green. SEE MORE The singer Cardi B promises to donate funds raised by their remix of the coronavirus New … Read more