With everything in the air! Mila Ximénez not expecting to see this. “God’s beautiful love!”

March 24, 2020 (12:14 CET) Finally a joy among so much bad news. In the midst of the tough situation through which passes the planet, some try to make more bearable this time of confinement and concern. Mila Ximénez, who remains locked up in the house, as all the Spanish, you have left the eyes … Read more

The DJI Mavic Air 2 will look like

On the Internet pictures of the new DJI flight unit arrived, and the Experts DroneDJ have a suspicion that it might be the DJI Mavic, Air-2. The photos show that the model is nothing more than a simple Upgrade, but a development process. The first DJI Mavic, Air was introduced in January 2018 at the … Read more

The new Macbook Pro and Air models, the keyboard comes bundled with a pair of scissors

12.03.2020 at 13:24 Note: We have been using in this article, the Commission shall, to the left, and marked with a”*”. An application should be made through the following Links t3n.de you’ll earn a Commission. Apple will soon introduce a new Macbook Pro and Air models. All of you should come up with a pair … Read more

Apple launches repair program for Apple iPad Air with black screen error

The owner of a iPad Air 3’s. The generation may be struggling to deal with Apple, up with an unexpected Blemish. According to the company, with a limited number of devices, but in certain circumstances, to display just a blank screen. Just before this, the screen will flicker, start to light, bright. The reason for … Read more

The screen is blank: this is a program of support for the iPad Air is the third Generation of

Between March 2019 and October 2019, and produced the iPad Air 3’s. Generation, you can see a Flicker or short lighten up with a white screen. The issues confirmed by Apple, does not occur in any of the models at the time. The resolution of the problems Apple has launched a program of service to … Read more