I do it in the bath! “For this you have finished the OT”. Aitana the lid. Do not return

04 April 2020 (10:30 CET) OT 2020 had to be cancelled due to the crisis of the coronavirus. It was unfeasible to continue with the program without an audience, without cameras, without teachers and without a jury. Seen that the situation was going to take longer than anticipated, the direction of the program took the … Read more

Remove the jacket and underneath there is nothing! Friend of Ana Guerra (OT), Aitana and company

March 17, 2020 (16:45 CET) It seems that the quarantine, as expected, has sparked the imagination of many celebrities of our country. While it is true that it is not exactly an easy situation for the vast majority, there are those who take advantage of these days to share their photos more sensual through the … Read more