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The conversation attributed to Anonymous about aliens in Area 51 is in reality a audio 1997

The group of cyber activists Anonymous has returned to the activity after three years in which I have not had much impact. And they have done so after the death of George Floyd threatening to make public “many of the crimes”, according to defend, the administration of the United States …

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Appear strange symbols on beach mexican will they be aliens?

Photo: Reference. A mystery keeps you entertained the inhabitants of Baja California (Mexico) in full confinement for the crisis of the coronavirus after that in one of its beaches appeared drawn in the sand strange drawingsas if they were made by someone from another world. It seems to be that …

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‘All the aliens, get to their homes’

It is part of the campaign in Cuautla, Morelos, with the elements of safety invite the inhabitants to respect the contingency to avoid contamination by Covid-19 There are ways and ways of invite to stay at home. In Morelos reported 30 cases of coronavirus Covid-19, have been ruled out 194 …

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