An unrecognizable Adele is angry with the press and the filming of Matrix 4 running on wheels

Keanu Reeves and Carrie Anne-Moss continue with the filming of the fourth installment of the Matrix, under the direction of Lana Wachowski; the film will hit our cinemas in may next year Photo: GROSBY GROUP – Source: THE NATION Chris Pratt is already a celebrity undisputed Hollywood and, however, do not lose your capacity for … Read more

Finally revealed! Hailey Baldwin admits what many were waiting for what he Will become angry Justin?

Once again we speak of Hailey Baldwin then it became in news after revealing the trick with which he managed to win the heart of Justin Bieber. A question that many of the admirers of Hailey they kept him a long time ago and that was finally answered for herself. How did she fall in … Read more

“Has done it again”. Cries in Paracuellos. Andrea de Janeiro is very angry with Belén Esteban

March 30, 2020 (14:59 CET) Andrea Janeiro asked Belén Esteban that never more speak of it, or of Jesulín de Ubrique. And although at times it has cost him to be retained has met with her. However, some media continue to talk about this relationship. Marks 20 years since Belen Esteban caught a Andrea de … Read more

Justin Bieber makes a surprising confesin about his relationship with Selena Hailey Baldwin angry!

In the past month of February, Justin Bieber him an interview with Zane Lowe where she spoke of several aspects of his private life and his return to music. However, what ms calls the attention of his fans were confessions that made the singer about the relationship he had with Selena Gmez. Related News Unexpected … Read more

Galilea Montijo exhibits romantic time with J Balvin Is angry Andrea Escalona?

Galilea Montijo exhibits romantic time with J Balvin Is angry Andrea Escalona? The beautiful presenter of the program “Today” Galilea Montijo, was surprised to her fans by sharing a daring publication in its official account of Instagram, for the famous bragged about a romantic moment with the colombian singer J Balvin. Galilea Montijo don’t miss … Read more

‘Mad Max’: Richard Madden and Jodie Eat sound to star in the prequel of Angry

Since ‘Mad Max: Fury road’ to resurrect and reinvent the series ‘Mad Max’ in 2015, the announcement of new films, despite the fact that they confirmed, it is doing to pray. In these last few weeks, rumors about a prequel focusing on Furious, the character of Charlize Theron, has sounded stronger than ever. And, despite … Read more