“The Command & Conquer game re-mastered Collection, featuring the official Trailer was announced

A self-proclaimed Messiah, and of his sect, and against the armed forces of the United Nations, as a Nod against the GDI, Kane, and against the General and the Pastor: An all-out war for the energy-to-matter-Tiberium-rich. The first, published in 1995, was created with the Command & ConquerA series of real-time strategy classic. By the … Read more

The Call of Duty video Game Release date announced. The Countdown is on

It has long been speculated, time is of the Call of Duty Game is released. Right now, the Game has a Countdown to the date of the Release of the Battle Royale. Call-of-Duty-Game-is-the Battle Royale The breakdown of Call of Duty-Modern Warfare. For several months now, from the hints and Leaks of the data have … Read more

The spirit of Tsushima begins on the 26th. On several occasions, announced

Most recently, the Launch of which was announced on the date of the upcoming PS4 title, the ghosts of Tsushima. In addition to this, a new Trailer has been released, and several editions have been also presented. Finally, there is news about the new PS4 the New, the Spirit of Tsushima. Thus, among other things, … Read more

Most Remakes can’t? Yoshinori Kitase, was announced to his / her favorites

Over the past few months, Yoshinori Kitase, had worked feverishly on the completion of the first Episode of “Final Fantasy VII”-Remakes. In a recent Interview, the Executive Producer of the re-issue he was asked about his plans for the future. It was a question of Realism, could you imagine to work with on both short-and … Read more