The conversation attributed to Anonymous about aliens in Area 51 is in reality a audio 1997

The group of cyber activists Anonymous has returned to the activity after three years in which I have not had much impact. And they have done so after the death of George Floyd threatening to make public “many of the crimes”, according to defend, the administration of the United States hidden from the world. In … Read more

Anonymous points out to Trump and the Minneapolis Police after the death of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd at the hands of the Minneapolis police has raised a wave of indignation throughout the united States. Thousands of people come each day to the streets to protest against the police brutality suffered by black people throughout the country. [+]Listen to some of the very serious accusations of Anonymous The … Read more

What is known until now of the leaks of Anonymous in the united States

Anonymous, a group of activist hackers reappeared after several years absence and returned after becoming a viral a video where several police officers of the county of Minneapolis, Minnesota, united States, led by Derek Chauvin assassinated the citizen african-american George Floyd, provoking the fury of the americans rebounded well the civil rights in the country. … Read more

Anonymous will reveal the second blow against the system

After they have been unleashed and unearthed several theories conspiracy against several famous and leaders world in which the group of hackers, Anonymous, has revealed during this crisis health where the world has become chaotic mainly due to the death of a u.s. citizen The account of TikTok, @Yung_Brats_6_9_6 made a video in which Anonymous … Read more

Anonymous released a list of celebrities killed to hide a pedophile

Monday, June 01, 2020 23:17 Some of the celebrities who were murdered for hiding a pedophile ring, according to Anonymous Anonymous he reappeared and left a lot of cimbronazos in social networks. The group of cyber-activists gave known a number of famous names who were killed for hiding a pedophile ring world. Among them figure … Read more

The shocking day of revelations Anonymous: Paul Walker, Avicii, Lady Di and Chris Cornell were killed

Anonymous seems to be unleashed. After threatening the police officers of the united States and to the political elites and the culture of the country to the north to reveal their “secrets” after the murder of George Floyd, the hacker group seems to begin to fulfill their threats. In the morning hacking the page of … Read more

The list that Anonymous leaked celebrity linked with Epstein and his network of abuse

Names of celebrities of politics, actors and musicians were filtered. Last Sunday we woke up with a name that resurfaced after a long time: Jeffrey Epsteinthe entrepreneur is accused of managing a network of sex trafficking of minors and all that Anonymous revealed files and new information about the network of child trafficking to the … Read more

The statement of Anonymous: the death of Paul Walker was no accident

Still coming out to the light thanks to Anonymous. At the end of last week, it came a pump that has revealed a lot of information is highly controversial, strong and delicate, which has resulted in that many things come to light, thanks to the hacker group international Anonymous in which a number of celebrities … Read more

Anonymous: His reappearance left us some great memes with “the truth” | social Networking

Or in the midst of the crisis, end the memes. The reappearance of Anonymous this weekend has led to a series of strong accusations, public figures and even the president Donald Trump, in addition to supporting the social protests. However, the networks they wasted no time and have created a great amount of memes with … Read more

Mick Jagger, on the black list of sex trafficking of children released by the hacker group Anonymous –

After the murder of the african-american George Floyd at the hands of a Minneapolis police –that sparked hundreds of protests in the united States, the activist collective released a list of alleged paedophiles famous among that you can also find Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey and Naomi Campbell. After the death of the african-american George Floyd … Read more