This App is now free: save 4,49 €

You are on the lookout for great deals for your Android phone or tablet? In the Google Play Store, it’s a free App that usually cost 4.49 Euro. In the Google Play Store, there are always occasions when you you you you you can save. Presently, you will find a super sale. In a time … Read more

Why is the Antutu App it flew

Google, once more with a shot, a lot of well-known Android Apps from the google Play Store. At the present time, there is a good reason for this, or a reasonable basis. They are disappeared from the Play Store, and the well-known Antutu Apps, the most well-known Benchmark for Android devices. Because there are fewer … Read more

The new rules of the App Store, Apple’s advertising Push notifications are allowed

There is almost nothing left of the Nervigeres such as Push notifications, that are sent for marketing purposes. Apple banned the App-Store apps, up to now, officially, something that is appreciated by a lot of users. It’s ugly in the way you mention, many developers are not yet as well-known trademarks in violation of the … Read more