Kourtney Kardashian shared a selfie in which she appears only with a bra of bikini and flowered

Kourtney Kardashian still living in this quarantine in a bikini. The eldest of the Kardashian is one of the most prone to wear bathing suits daily, who loves to expose her body to the sun for a natural tan. Today, following his love for bathing suits Kourtney took a selfie in which she appears presuming … Read more

Shakira surprises with new look during the quarantine: changed his eye color, and appears to be another

The singer tried out a different look during the quarantine period. Shakira has surprised his followers by posting a picture on their networks in that it looks completely different. During the quarantine, the singer has shown to be simple, without makeup and with the hair at the natural, leaving to see his side more simple. … Read more

Miley Cyrus appears on the cover of important magazine economic

Revealed that to get the interviews has had to be very insistent. MEXICO CITY The american singer Miley Cyrus it has become cover of one of the magazines specialized in economics most important in the worlddue to the success of your program of interviews Bright Minded, who performed during the quarantine period. The actress of … Read more

Halsey stripped of what’s left over and appears as never before… and at The natural!!!

Talk about Halsey it is to recognize that it is a true Pandora’s box, thanks to its amazing ability theatrical way of behaving. And is that the singer a native of New Orleans it got its current recognition, due to the consistency and discipline that they maintain in an established position within the sphere of … Read more

Appears a video spectacular of Alex Morgan: an eye to the fall

The video of a training session under the roof recently shared by Alex Morgan in Instagram is viralizó quickly, reaching 3 million views and sparking a lively debate on the desirability or not of exercising while pregnant for 5/6 months as the crack of the women’s national team USA football and Orlando Pride. And if … Read more

Marvel: Keanu Reeves appears as Wolverine in Intagram through a fan art | Disney | X-Men | Movies and series

There are many doubts about who could be again Wolverine after his farewell in Logan. The character that she played Hugh Jackman seems to have many candidates in a row. And it is sure that one of the mutants favorite X-Men could not interpret any actor. It is as well as the names of Oscar … Read more

Zac Efron appears overweight, and disrupted networks

Share this publication Recently started to circulate on social networks images Zac Efron supposed to be where you see him ‘pasadito weight‘ during an interview. The actor gave an interview to the channel YouTube ‘First We Feast‘ where the celebrity guests enjoy wings with spicy sauces while responding to the questions. YOU MAY be INTERESTED: … Read more

In underwear and like a nun sexy, Bella Thorne appears in the bed with some friends

Bella Thorne Photo: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images This year is one of the most active for Bella Thorneas have a number of projects, including films (such as “Chick fight” and “Masquerade”) in the that plays the most diverse characters. And the young actress has shared in your account Instagram many photos daring outfits. In one of … Read more

Seeing is believing! Published photo unedited of Justin Bieber Look how it appears!

Behind the fame and the great talent of Justin Bieber there is a beautiful story, which will always be remembered by their fans But what is all that defines the singer? It Czech more here! April 23, 2020 · 17:26 hs The history of Justin Bieber it is one of the most amazing that we … Read more