The argentine who deceived everyone with his resemblance to Brad Pitt

Read more►From Twitter, an account created by two argentine warns what you can see on TV The young man, who was called “the clone argentine Brad Pitt” it viralizó to such an extent that every one of his videos surpassed the one million reproductions. “The truth that is not easy to be like Brad Pitt, … Read more

The neuron-Jennifer Aniston: The discovered an argentine and shows you what it is

This type of neuron was discovered in 2005 by the neurocientfico argentine Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, at the University of Leicester (Uk). The neuron-Jennifer Aniston it is a clula nerviosa of the rea brain in charge of memory and the formation of memories. The researcher the met by chance while studying the reaction of patients epilpticos … Read more

An argentine surprised Will Smith with a video and now is all the rage in the united States

Juanchi Amy Dunn it works by performing audio-visual, over the weekend went viral after impressing the actor Will Smith with a video about their characters in the film, which he shared in his account of Instagram. The video got over a million views. Amy dunn, said that “I couldn’t believe it”, first saw that the … Read more

Oh no Angelina Jolie the differ! You know the young argentine identical to Brad Pitt

A young argentine called Luciano Chierichetti is causing euphoria in the social networks then released in TiKToK with two videos on it that looks amazingly similar to the “galán de galanes” of Hollywood: Brad Pitt. With only two clips, it was enough to impress thousands and viralizarse. The users that were impacted and asked if … Read more

Marcos Mundstock, humorist argentine and iconic member of Les Luthiers, he died when he was 77 years old | Argentina | NNDC Shows International

The actor and humorist argentine Marcos Mundstock, one of the founders of the group Les Luthiers, died Wednesday in his home in the town of buenos aires in Vicente López at the age of 77, confirmed to Efe sources of your environment. “After more than a year of dealing with a health issue that became … Read more

Who is Juanchi amy dunn, the argentine who was praised by Will Smith: “I was in shock, I couldn’t believe it… it seems to me that it was surprised”

Juanchi Amy Dunn works nearly a decade ago in the world of audiovisual, but this Sunday achieved what is certainly one of the most important days in his career: the young man made a video of Will Smith and the actor resposteó from your account of Instagram. In consequence, the work of the argentine was … Read more

The incredible story of the self-seal argentine who today recognize after being ignored for years

The account of Instagram of the Museo Alfa Romeo was published, some weeks ago, a series of photos of a beautiful sport, the Diva. There were seven images of the car that were accompanied by the following legend: “Few have seen before because it was mostly kept in the museum storage”. The following week, the … Read more

From tango to rock nacional: the argentine that sings from the balcony to their neighbors in Barcelona

“Yesterday I got reacquainted with the residents of Barcelona to share more songs from balcony to balcony”, begins his story Paul Sturba (30), musician and pianist argentine residing in Spain since 2018. From the obligatory isolation -that is confined to half the world- this artist changed the scenario of the subways of the Catalan city, … Read more