Star of ‘Riverdale’ is arrested during protests in the united States

The marches by the case of George Floyd continue to spread to the entire United States, adding up to many celebrities who have come out of quarantine to express their disapproval against the brutality of the police and the racism that lives in your country, unfortunately, his fame is not exempt from going out to … Read more

Harry Styles pulls out the chest by the demonstrators arrested in the united States

The singer Harry Styles he stole the hearts of their fans then that this Tuesday is spread in social networks a noble gesture. After the death of George Floyd by the police abuse of Derek Chauvin, the streets of the city of Minneapolis is set on fire with the fury of african american citizens. Tired … Read more

The prince of rap: Will and Carlton are arrested in the jail for ‘stealing’ a car | Netflix | George Floyd | Films and series

The series starring Will Smith does not have when to pass out of fashion and its re-entry to Netflix what it demonstrates. If all your chapters are very popular among the viewers, there is one in particular that is being discussed in social networks, where Will and his cousin Carlton talk about racism on the … Read more

Katy Perry and Harry Styles pay bail to those arrested in the protests of the united States

Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and more artists have decided to pay the bail of those arrested in the protests. It is a clear signal of support for everything that is happening in the united States after the murder of George Floyd. Currently the entire planet has been united in a single side. The global outrage … Read more

Justin Bieber pays bail of those arrested in the protest by George Floyd

The famous singer, Justin Bieber, has completely changed his way of seeing the world and with this, has found other reasons to spend your incredible heritage. After reinvidicar your life, stay away from drugs and marriage with his current wife, the model Hailey Baldwincould be countless good deeds that you are performing, the performer of … Read more

Famous that paying the bail of those arrested in the protests of the united States

The world is convulsed, and not only because of the pandemic of the coronavirus, but by the outrage that was triggered following the assassination, at the hands of the police, of George Floyd. His death, one more example of the police brutality perpetrated on the black community, has resulted in tens of demonstrations throughout the … Read more

Tekashi 6ix9ine, arrested for strangling a child last January

Accumulate the problems to Tekashi 6ix9ine. Before leaving to tour Europe, the police already had an open investigation for a possible connection with the attempted murder of Chief Keef. Tekashi was able to carry out their ‘World Domination Tour’ without any kind of problem. Now, newcomer, New York city police have arrested the young star … Read more

Cynthia Cortes, a former spouse of Chocolate MC, arrested for alleged robbery in Miami

The cuban Cynthia Cortes, a former spouse of a cuban singer of urban music Chocolate MCwas arrested in Hialeah Gardens for allegedly having committed an offence of theft in a lesser amount, reported Cubans around the world. The tab of arrest of the young figure in the web page Jail Base, in which you can … Read more