What better than the DCEU? Enchantress was introduced in the Arrowverse

The episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ DC, entitled ‘The Great British Fake-Off’, brought together several encores in an attempt to kill Jon Constantine and Zari Tarazi, but it also showed the debut Enchantress in the Arrowverse. The chapter also showed part of the story of Charlie, but what called more the attention was the first … Read more

Does the style of the Arrowverse? Reveal the first photos of the crossover of ‘Riverdale’

Since his arrival, the series ‘Riverdale’ became one of the most popular programs for teens, so that soon a spin-off fell out of this production, and now, to the delight of his fans, some of his characters will be a crossover of ‘Katy Keene’ with ‘Riverdale’, this foresaw the great musical that is preparing the … Read more