Ariana Grande, Halsey, Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendez and more artists joined the protests in the united States

Several celebrities from the music industry took to the streets to join the march of #BlackLivesMatterwith the demands of justice for George Floyd and that is to stop the police brutality that has been living in the United States. Perhaps there were many more, but these are the ones that the followers were able to … Read more

This is THE music you should be listening to in June. I put Play to these artists!

You will love this album if you like: the first albums of Lady Gaga and electronic music noventera. What a tribute! CARLY RAE JEPSEN: NEW ALBUM – ‘DEDICATED (SIDE B)’ For those who say that Carly Rae Jepsen is only ‘Call me maybe’, sorry: there is no biggest mistake. Carly Rae Jepsen has released a … Read more

George Floyd: Ariana Grande and artists who marched against crime – People – Culture

The death of the citizen, african-american George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis caused great outrage and a wave of massive protests in several cities of the united States and even around the world. The celebrities are also joined this cause, and used their social networks to speak out against police … Read more

USA | Oprah, Bad Bunny, Selena Gomez and more artists will participate in ceremonies virtual graduation | USA | united States | Facebook | Coronavirus | COVID-19 | NNDC-NNES Famous

Lebron James, Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey we already have everything ready to celebrate virtually this weekend thousands of students from US of the “Class of 2020” that are confined by the pandemic of the coronavirus, a task that will get help from latino artists like Cardi B, Bad Bunny, Selena Gomez, Luis Fonsi, Daddy … Read more

“BlackOut Tuesday”: these are the artists that put out their music

This 02 of June was declared as the “BlackOut Tuesday” or “Blackout music”thanks to the movement that led to several production houses and artists all over the world. However, this initiative is focused on the united States after the death of George Floyd after being subdued by police officer Derek Chauvin on the 25th of … Read more

Beyonce and other artists are driving the ‘#BlackOutTuesday’, a blackout of music in tribute to George Floyd

The singer Beyoncé has been sentenced in his account of Instagram the death of George Floyd, who died by asphyxiation due to the pressure that Derek Chauvin exerted on your neck: “We need justice for George Floyd. We’ve all seen this murder to the full light of day. We are broken and angry. We cannot … Read more

Black Lives Matter: Ariana Grande, Halsey, Lauren Jauregui and more artists are manifested by George Floyd | Currently

On the 25th of may, a police in Minneapolis arrested and reduced to brutally George Floyd, an african american man who he had supposedly paid in an establishment with a fake banknote. Thanks to a video recorded during your arrest, you can see how the officer pressed his knee on the neck (and back) of … Read more

Artists and record labels turn off the music in the midst of turmoil | U.S.

The music industry plans to turn the music off to devote a day to reflection and the search for a change in response to the death of George Floyd and the murders of other black people. Several record labels prominent organized for Tuesday “Black Out Tuesday” while violent protests exploding around the world in response … Read more

Cardi B, Maroon 5 and more artists raise their voice for the death of George Floyd

The death of George Floyd has caused national indignation, and many artists have given voice on high to tell you let’s stop the racism! The artists have joined their voices to placate this big problem called racism. Recall that the may 25, a police officer was responsible for the death of George Floyd after being … Read more

YouTube Rewind: Shawn Mendes and BTS are crowned as the favorite artists of the 2019

The 2019 is about to end, and YouTube shares with us their global list of the most watched year in its popular “Rewind”. While “Calmly” Daddy Yankee, and Snow turned into the video most seen by the peruvians, at the global level was “Miss” of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello, the favorite item by the … Read more