Oh Adele you feel ashamed of your new physical appearance!

The interpreter ‘Rolling in the Deep’, Adele, has captured the eyes of the media and social networks after having lost more than 45 kilos in the last year, looking unrecognizable when you show your new physical appearanceand although for many it looks spectacular, what is certain is that the british are ashamed of their change, … Read more

‘It was very painful to feel so ashamed of my body’

Knowing the personality as landslide Miley Cyruswho would say that you have insecurities? If there is something that characterizes the singer exudes an incredible strength and seems to have no complexes. However, it is also human, and in recent years it has experienced difficult times in which lost confidence in itself. Apparently, it all started … Read more

Do not you ashamed? The product that launched Kendall Jenner’s related to coronavirus

When it comes to the clan Kardashian, very few things surprise us. But this time Kendall Jenner got out of line and get his fans not spared! The model is giving much of what to talk about during the quarantine: he left his home to drive a while to your self, just because I needed … Read more

“Plugged in”. Belén Esteban is hidden. “I am ashamed of you,” or “this is how it works Telecinco”

04 April 2020 (11:25 CET) Since before the proclamation of the state of alarm, Belén Esteban remains confined in his house. The partner took the decision to leave their jobs for reasons more than obvious. The Paracuellos is a person high-risk for developing diabetes. Belen Esteban is in the company of his daughter Andrea Janeiro, … Read more

“Peace Padilla, do not you ashamed of this?”. Get this video. It scandal of the year!

March 16, 2020 (17:09 CET) How will Survivors 2020? It is a mystery. Both the winner as if the editing may be carried out with total normality. Because of the advancement of their issuance, following the cancellation of GH DUO are many obstacles that they face. Among them the weather conditions, but already had planned. … Read more

Daughters of Andrea Legarreta you are prohibited to join TikTok What Are they ashamed of it?

Daughters of Andrea Legarreta you are prohibited to join TikTok What Are they ashamed of it? During the recent broadcast of the program The “today” of Televisa, Andrea Legarreta revealed the true reason for not upload videos to the popular platform, TikTok and is that their daughters do not leave, and even banned. The Instagram … Read more