The manga “Attack On Titan” is delayed by Kodansha after postponing publications

Eren Jaeger church facing the Titan Colossal in one of the first covers of Attack on Titan | Kodansha It seems that “Attack On Titan” or better known as “Shingeki no Kyojin” it is the last series that you will see affected by the global pandemic. As the new virus continues to cause havoc in … Read more

Link to process to the former mp by acid attack against saxophonist

The Attorney General of the State of Oaxaca (FGEO) reported that it was linked to the process the former mp local Juan Antonio “N” for attempted femicide against the saxophonist Maria Elena Rivers. In addition, the judge issued pretrial detention of accused persons, so they will remain in prison during the 3 months in which … Read more

“The coronavirus is great!” Sophie Turner is of the opinion and all attack him. How dare you?

In the last few days Sophie Turner to given much of what to talk about on their recent marriage problems with Joe Jonas. However, what was thought to be a torture for her, turned out to be “the most brilliant”. Likewise, the situation of pandemic that everyone has been affecting the coronavirus has sparked a … Read more

María Patiño was very scared ¡medical Care! Gives you an anxiety attack in direct

April 05, 2020 (11:00 CET) María Patiño continues her work of collaborator and presenter, despite the confinement. One more day, the galician sat in his chair on Saturday, Deluxe to interview Adara Miller. The young man has returned to fashion after the break with Gianmarco. Patiño was frightened, when has seen that the winner of … Read more

The hacker attack against the profile Instagram Ariana Grande

Ariana Grandethe young american singer in concert on the evening of the attack in Manchester, suffered a hacker attack. From her profile in Instagram have been published with four photographs, from the contents that are racist and offensive, promptly removed by the staff. No one has doubted that the photographs and comments could really come … Read more

I HEART ATTACK! Osmariel Villalobos shows his toned body aboard a cruise ship (+PHOTOS)

It seems that the leader of venezuela, Osmariel Villalobos, I fell like a ring on a finger of singleness and that is that each day that passes, more sparkly, and with a body of infarction. The Zulia Osmariel Villalobos published a few photos that have stolen the breath more than one, because he has ceased … Read more

Ariana Grande, Get Well Soon | Song terrorist attack

Alberto Graziola Friday, August 24, 2018 Pharrell Williams has invited openly Ariana Grande to write and speak of the attack of Manchester, in the new disk. The may 22, 2017, a suicide bomber triggered an explosion shortly after the concert Ariana Grande at the Manchester Arena – killing 23 people (including children…) and wounding 139. … Read more