Son of Britney Spears attacking his grandfather on Instagram

“I haven’t seen it do much new music at all. I remember once I asked her: ‘Mom, what happened with your music?’, and she said: ‘I don’t know, honey. I think I might leave it’”. Re-doing JJ thread sorry..not on laptop. Highlights: Jayden James saying he’s going to spill the tea on his mom for … Read more

Fans of Johnny Depp are attacking Warner for having congratulated Amber Heard

Since I started the process of divorce between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife in 2017, have been in a protracted and ongoing legal battle that becomes ever more complicated, as both argue that they suffered this abuse, recently the fans of the actor criticised Warner for congratulate Amber Heard. This is because most of the … Read more

Ezra Miller is in trouble for attacking a fan, and already ask for your output Flash

Ezra Miller it became a topic of conversation recently, but this time it was not for breaking gender stereotypes with their clothing or anything like that. Through social networks began circulating a video where, apparently, attacking a fan grabbing it by the neck and dumping it to the ground. Because of this incident, some fans … Read more

Gabriel Soto BENCHING Laura Bozzo by attacking Irina Baeva

Gabriel Soto BENCHING Laura Bozzo by attacking Irina Baeva Gabriel Soto it is one of the leading men of the telenovelas in Mexico, that since his divorce with the beautiful actress Geraldine Bazán, has not ceased to be in the eye of the hurricane, as it goes in controversy in controversy. It is now Gabriel … Read more