Adele without makeup proves that the natural beauty is its greatest attribute

The singer proudly displays his radical transformation. Adele has left all her fans shocked by the transformation that has undergone in the last few months. The singer has always enthralled by his beauty and his new figure is still showing that it’s beautiful naturally. Although in their concerts or steps on the red carpet, the … Read more

Alexa Dellanos captivates their fans with new attribute

Alexa Dellanos captivates their fans with new attribute | Instagram Known for their lush curves Alexa Dellanos don’t miss out on the opportunities to share their passions and their best attributes. From several years ago that Alexa works in the industry modelingfrom small he knew the life that I wanted to have when he becomes … Read more

Francis insists to attribute the pandemic to a ‘response’ from Nature to the action of man

by Carlos Esteban | 09 April, 2020 In the recent interview online by Pope Francis to his biographer, Austen Ivereigh and reproduced by The Tablet and the Commonwealth, His Holiness has returned to point out that you do not see both the hand of God in this pandemic as a “response” from nature to the … Read more