Morgan and Rapinoe nominated to the Golden Ball of France Footbal

France Football announced the list of nominees fighting to be the ‘Golden ball ‘Feminine’ and the players americans could not miss after the huge World Cup, which they did in France to 2019 where some of them became bicampeonas of the world to add their second title in a row at the helm of the … Read more

Dragon Ball is added to the MEME of the africans who carry a casket: VIDEO

In social networks circulates the “stop motion” of the characters of Dragon Balldancing like african men Ghana, before the death of Krilinwho is inside the coffin. In the remembered scene when Freezer destroyed Krilinmaking it explode, only this was a version with collectible toys playing such a scene, where it sounds the couple of the … Read more

The heroes of the Avengers, Dragon Ball, and Justice League fighting the Coronavirus in this brutal short

In these times so strange that all we need to stay at home to avoid a greater evil, the imagination plays a very important role to entertain us and entertain on the part of the artists that are on the internet. As the makers of the Youtube channel, Mightyraccoon!known for his impressive videos of computer … Read more

Lonzo Ball and his friends danced to the new song from the rapper Drake

Lonzo Ball dancing with her friends The new song by the renowned rapper, Drake, is in fashion these days in the united States and in the middle of the quarantine several have been encouraged to show off their best dance moves. Lonzo Ball and his friends measured to dance to the theme of “Toosie Slide” … Read more

Dragon Ball Super: Cosplay of the mother of Goku surprises the fans

Dragon Ball Super: Cosplay of the mother of Goku surprises the fans The cosplayer Emily Leon conducted a detailed cosplay the mother of Goku, a character of the series of Akira Toriyama, Dragon Ball I knewr, she published the photographs in its account of Instagram where he has more than 112 thousand followers and proved … Read more

Goku and Frieza from Dragon Ball Z invite their fans to take care of the coronavirus

Goku and Frieza from Dragon Ball Z invite their fans to take care of the coronavirus Pleasant surprise, have been fans of the popular anime Dragon Ball Z after taking two curious videos that circulate on social networks where the characters Goku and Freezer invite all the people to follow the directions and health care … Read more

“Hot”, what’s new with that comes sweeping Cimafunk along with The Soul Rebels and Tarriona “Tank” Ball

Hota new song of Cimafunk with The Soul Rebels and Tarriona “Tank” Ball, and brings together the sounds and rhythms of Havana and New Orleans once more, this time with a rich mixture of metals, the cuban rhythm, a rapping in Spanish and English and a letter fun to get to dance on the track. … Read more

Compare the anime of ‘The Witcher’ with ‘Dragon Ball Z’

After checking that the ‘The Witcher’ has become one of the series most viewed of the last few months competing for the first positions of the streaming media with ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘The Mandalorian’, the time comes to squeeze the product to the maximum and from Netflix they are not losing even a second of … Read more