This is the tutorial of makeup for Rihanna to get a good face in seconds without the use of base

What is more likely is that the lack of sun and vitamin D that have led to the confinement are noticed in your face, more pale and off in previous years during the end of April. However, this glitch is easy to fix with the help of a moisturizer with color, and some touches of … Read more

These are the three creams that use makeup artists from the famous to get a lifting effect and a skin tight (without retouching or botox) before you start with the base

No matter your nationality, whatever your style is, or what the mark of beauty for which they work. All the makeup artists, without exception, claim that the key to any makeup look is to prepare the skin beforehand, moisturizing it as it is due. That’s why they always arrange the faces of models, celebrities, and … Read more