Salma Hayek was captured while dorma and something extrao bean in your head

City of Mexico.- The famous mexican actress, Salma Hayek it was captured while dorma and to the surprise of many, it was fascinating while for others it is something really horror. It was the morning of this Saturday that, in his account of Instagram, Hayek I shared this photo, where he appears asleep with his … Read more

Looks to be at home inspired in cinema: 6 responses estilsticas that the film has already bean prepared for long hours indoor

From the pantaln of chndal grey of Scarlet Johansson in “Lost in Translation” at the caftn of Tilda Swinton in “Only lovers will survive”. Not everything is going to be find the answer in “Blade Runner”, other favorite tapes, and also can help us Again, faced with a situation difficult, neither the music nor the … Read more

Sean Bean was reading the script in your scene more mythical of ‘the Lord of The Rings’

No matter how many times you see the saga of ‘the Lord of The Rings’, there’s always a new curiosity that becomes the perfect excuse for a reviewed at least. In this period of quarantine, Digital Spy rescues a post 2011 the director, Peter Jackson, in which we discover the secret of one of the … Read more