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a beggar gave him the money and he thanks you

There are artists that show their human side in an anonymous fashion, without wanting to make this a topic of conversation viral. But social networks make that these stories eventually come to light for all the world to know the goodness of some famous. It is the case of Tom …

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Tom Holland has a nice gesture with a beggar who lent him money

There are gestures on the part of some people that make us believe in humanity and this time has been that of Tom Holland which has given us reasons to believe that solidarity has never ceased to exist. Although it has not been his intention that his nice gesture was …

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The grand gesture of Tom Holland (SpiderMan) with a beggar after you give your last dollar in the supermarket

Go out and buy the products of the first need during the isolation can be a stressful undertaking for some. The actor Tom Holland had an incident in London a couple of days when you have to come to the supermarket Waitrose saw that he could not get a cart …

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