VIDEO | Drake Bell | TikTok: Actor burned coincidentally, the original lyrics of the song from “Drake and Josh”

Will it be a plan, Megan? Drake Bell has experienced an embarrassing incident while trying to rescue the original lyrics of the song “Drake and Josh”. The theme of the a successful program of Nickelodeon it was composed and performed by him. Through your account in TikTokthe actor and singer I tried to do a … Read more

Drake and Josh: Drake Bell stars in embarrassing accident to the burning of the letter of the official theme | eint | Shows

With the letter in hand, Drake Bell tried to give a lesson to their fans how to play the official theme of the popular series Nickelodeon, Drake and Josh. However, candle burning is anticipated to erase what was written by the american. Through their social networks, Bell he was at the point of interpreting the … Read more