Günther Krabbenhöft. The berlin age incalculable, that is the icon of fashion in Instagram

Icon of style, the German Günther Krabbenhöft became one of the influencers most beloved Instagram. Not knowing your age, various Internet sources attribute 104 years, but he himself says on his Facebook that this is more than double. Some will adjudicate between 68 and 70 years, but that is not what is important . What … Read more

His wax figure in Berlin cause teasing and we will explain to you the reason

A new figure from Madame Tussard has come back to scare visitors. This time has been due to a peculiar wax figure of the artist Nicki Minaj that has generated laughter, controversy and ridicule in equal parts. The premiere of the figure in the museum that the franchise has in the German city of Berlin … Read more