Halle Berry mocks the censorship of Instagram with a photo without bra

Halle Berry has celebrated its 53 years with a photo very defiant and at the same time very ardent. The actress has joined the movement of women that struggle to normalize the non-use of the fastenerbecause they consider it an ancient custom. For this reason, has posed with a wet t-shirt that reveals her naked … Read more

the character of Halle Berry could be in trouble in the upcoming sequel

Por:@ArielBaelish The last time we saw Sofia (Halle Berry), I was helping John Wick in the third installment. When he took that decision, it was clear that there would be some repercussions. Choices have consequences and his daughter is the person in greatest danger in the upcoming John Wick 4. Stahelski agreed with this assessment … Read more

Roland Emmerich incorporates Halle Berry, to his cinema of catastrophes

Los Angeles.- The director Roland Emmerich, one of the biggest names in German cinema, will be in front of the camera in his latest production film-catastrophe Moonfall the actress Halle Berry, according to published journals american Hollywood Reporter and Variety. In Moonfallthe Moon is moved in its orbit by mysterious forces and is heading towards … Read more

American public prefer Halle Berry as Catwoman than Michelle Pfeiffer

Most of the people prefer Christian Bale and Michael Keaton that the other Batmans on the big screen is not unlikely; that Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson exceed in popularity for a lot of Jared Leto in their roles as the Joker nor is it unlikely; but what do you prefer Halle Berry as Catwoman … Read more