Ellen Pompeo by the “Black Lives Matter”: presented to the Los Angeles police

The actress Ellen Pompeo recognized for his performance in the series “Grey’s Anatomy”, is stripped of his clothing as a celebrity and joined the protests in Los Angeles in the United States. He lifted up his voice against the racism, and the death of George Floyd, of 46 years, in Minneapolis after being suffocated by … Read more

Black widow and other premieres that you will see in the reopening of cinemas

Black widow, Mulan, The new mutants, The Eternal, and Wonder Woman 1984 are some of the many films that have delayed its premiere this 2020 due to the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19. These and other films were postponed in its release due to the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19 that has affected the whole world and it was … Read more

Justin Bieber. Against racism, supports take advantage of black culture

Justin Bieber is committed to fighting against the racial injustices, after admitting that it had “benefited from the black culture” throughout his career. “I’m inspired by the black culture. I have benefited from the black culture ”, wrote Bieber in a statement in sociale networkss. “My style, how to sing, dance, act and my fashion … Read more

So it’s like Kanye West to help the daughter of George Floyd and the movement Black Lives Matter

On the 25th of may, George Floyd died at 46 years of age in Minnesota, in the hands of Derek Chauvin (a police officer who attacked him and resulted in him choking until he lost his life). After this outrageous event, there were numerous demonstrations in the united States and the movement Black Lives Matter … Read more

The story you need Black Widow

Few are left to know Natasha Rumanovone of the few members of the Avengers without supernatural powers, but we know little of the character that embodies Scarlett Johansson, beyond their stories in the movie universe. To overcome this problem and with the launch of its own movie with a new date for the November 6, … Read more

Lele Pons is in addition to the marches ‘Black Lives Matter’

Fans of Lele welcomed to participate in this very important movement, and showed him your total support, because, like her, are committed to the cause. Ben Affleck, Ana de Armas, Camila Hair, Shawn Mendes and Halsey there are other celebrities that have joined the marches in various cities around the country. The facts George Floyd … Read more