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Overwatch 2 will celebrate LGBTQIA+ Pride in Season 4

Overwatch 2 It continues to expand and is already preparing to receive its Season 4, which will present new content such as skins, events, and much more. Additionally, fans will be able to play an all-new hero who promises to disrupt the tempo of matches with his unique abilities. Through …

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Overwatch 2 now has more balanced matchmaking

Something that the players of Overwatch 2 they had been asking for, it was a fairer matchup within the game, and since its launch it has faced strong criticism from many users who experienced unbalanced games with bronze players in GM lobbies, which was a serious disadvantage . So, much …

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Roadhog’s nerf, could have improved the hero

the community of Overwatch he spent months asking for nerfs to Roadhog. Since the overwhelming feedback from the community had been too consistent that the one-shot wasn’t that much fun, something the developers of Overwatch 2 they plan to tackle even more in the future. However, the nerfs are finally …

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